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If you're behind the wheel a lot, minimize your risk of accidents and injuries by following this advice from the World Health Organization.


Top 10 road trips

If you're traveling cross-country-or just have time for a worthwhile detour-here are the top 10 spots the editors at recommend.


* Arizona: Grand Canyon National Park, raft, or ride a mule; this billion-acre national treasure has to be seen to be believed.


* Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park the city for fresh air and views at this popular parkland-home to hiking, camping, and a few critters.


* Florida: Disney World and the gang welcome kids of every age to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios.


* Georgia: Rock City (Lookout Mountain) on the lookout for gnomes at this historic fairy-tale garden, which offers a view of seven Southern states.


* Louisiana: French Quarter (New Orleans)http://www.frenchquarter.comThere's more to see than Bourbon Street: Experience the history of the Vieux Carre.


* Minnesota: Mall of America (Bloomington)http://www.mallofamerica.comEvery year, 40 million visitors make the trek to this megamall for shopping, rides, and sensory overload.


* Nevada: The Strip (Las Vegas) round-the-clock entertainment, nothing beats "Sin City."


* New York: Niagara Fallshttp://discoverniagara.comMore awe inspiring than any water park, these world-famous falls attract millions of visitors each year.


* Tennessee: Graceland (Memphis) king needs a kingdom. Revel in the tacky splendor of Elvis' Memphis home.


* Texas: Alamo Historic Site (San Antonio)http://www.thealamo.orgRemember the Alamo and her historic battle during a trip through the Lone Star State.



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