1. Mullen, Kathleen BSN, RN

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Diana Mason wrote about "America's Family Protection Plan," but family protection begins in the home, not in the government. Her brother-not the government-was the one responsible for providing and caring for his family. He should have made sure that his own life insurance and disability policies covered his possible death. And dare I say that Diana Mason should have helped? It's her family!! The problem is not making sure the government takes care of everyone; it's that no one wants to be responsible. Dr. Mason would have had to give up a few things in order to help her sister-in-law and children.


And please don't tell me that life insurance and disability policies are too expensive. I was a single mother for many years and had both kinds of policies in case my children were left without a mother. I did without a few things because I had to pay the premiums. But I never missed that money. My children are now in college, and I know that I-not the government-provided for their futures. The word responsibility was missing from the editorial.


Kathleen Mullen, BSN, RN


Hays, KS