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The visionary nurse leader views nursing as both an art and a science by promoting caring and competence as the link between science and humanity. Do you know an individual who exhibits the following qualities?




[white diamond suit] Develops creative approaches to nursing practice that enhance quality patient care in a cost-effective manner.


[white diamond suit] Acts as a nurse advocate by utilizing visionary and innovative leadership approaches.


[white diamond suit] Advances the science of nursing through clarifying, refining, and expanding nursing's knowledge base.




[white diamond suit] Influences the practice of nursing through communication.


[white diamond suit] Encourages or serves as a mentor/preceptor who inspires peer practice of nursing.


[white diamond suit] Enhances the image of nursing through nursing practices.




[white diamond suit] Actively seeks out professional growth opportunities and supports professional certification.


[white diamond suit] Demonstrates excellence in nursing recruitment and retention.


[white diamond suit] Fosters technologic environments to enhance the continuum of care and patient safety culture.




[white diamond suit] Exceeds expectations of current role.


[white diamond suit] Models behaviors of higher levels of practice.


[white diamond suit] Significantly influences and inspires others to achieve higher levels of responsibility.




[white diamond suit] Freely shares personal resources for the growth and development of colleagues.


[white diamond suit] Actively participates in development of community affairs, legislation, and/or organizations that affect nursing practice.


[white diamond suit] Cultivates others to support nursing and contribute to its development.




[white diamond suit] Models a healthy work/life balance.


[white diamond suit] Demonstrates commitment to nursing research, education, legislation, and technologic advancement.


[white diamond suit] Actively supports competency and promotes quality and patient safety culture.


To enter, compose a manuscript of up to 2,500 words detailing a colleague's accomplishment in one of the six objectives outlined above. Describe the accomplishment in terms of the bullet points that accompany the objective. We'll feature the winning manuscript in the January 2006 issue.


Nursing Management 's editorial board will select the winner, based on a point system assigned to the manuscript's readability, originality, evidence of credibility, applicability to others/practice, evidence of outcomes or potential, and how well it meets content criteria. The chosen nominee will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Nursing Management Congress2005, which includes round-trip airfare, main conference registration, and hotel (up to a $2,000 value). He or she will be recognized by Nursing Management 's editor-in-chief at the conference's opening ceremony. To nominate a colleague, e-mail your manuscript to, with "Visionary Leader" in the subject head. Hurry, the contest closes August 1.