1. Teenier, Pamela BSN, RN, MBA, CHCE

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It is correct that points are awarded for burns or trauma; however, they are awarded for M0440 when the answer is yes and one of these are the primary diagnosis. It is not awarded under M0230-for example, if you have a burn but mark "no" in M0440, you will not get points. Figure 2 also states that the maximum number of points for M0440 ("Does the patient have a skin lesion or open wound?") is 21.


In actuality, no points are awarded for this question whether you answer "yes" or "no." The points for wounds come from either the principal diagnosis (M0230) or your wound summary questions (M0450, M0460, M0476, and M0488). See page 68 of the final rule as a reference.


Pamela Teenier, BSN, RN, MBA, CHCE