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  1. Plummer, Carolyn MHSc, RN
  2. Ruco, Arlinda MPH
  3. Smith, Kerry-Ann MN, RN
  4. Chandler, Jillian MHSc, RN
  5. Ash, Peter MBA
  6. McMillan, Sarah MSW, RSW
  7. Di Prospero, Lisa MRT(T), MSc
  8. Morassaei, Sara MSc
  9. Nichol, Kathryn PhD, RN


Background: The Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network Health Professions Innovation Fellowship Program began in 2014 as a pilot initiative among 4 academic teaching hospitals in Toronto, Ontario. The purpose of the Program was to cultivate applied leadership, interprofessional collaboration, and quality improvement capacity among health professionals.


Purpose: This article reports on the evaluation findings from the initial year as well as an update on current program status and sustainability.


Methods: A formative evaluation was conducted focused on the impact on clinical practice, participant skill development, participant experience, and cross-organizational partnerships. Data were collected through a focus group, interviews, and pre- and postsurveys.


Results: Data from the initial pilot showed increases in leadership practices, project management, and quality improvement knowledge, with changes in leadership practices being significant. Positive changes in clinical practice at both the individual and unit/team levels and capacity for building relationships were also reported. Since the pilot, more than 160 participants from 15 health professions and 9 organizations have participated. Several graduates have taken on leadership roles since their participation in the Program.


Conclusions: Health care organizations wishing to advance academic practice may benefit from implementing a similar collaborative program to reap benefits beyond organizational silos.