1. Catlin, Anita PhD, FNP, CNL, FAAN

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My Belly Has Two Buttons is a lovely picture and story book for very young children to introduce the concept of an abdominal feeding tube. Written by a mother of a child with a feeding tube, the book describes a happy boy who is unable to eat by mouth. The little boy is named Nico, and Nico has two buttons, his umbilical cord naval and his Mic-Key, a locked clamp that is opened for feeding. Pictures show us how the tube opens, where the tube is inserted in the abdomen, and how it is attached to feeding pump at night. Nico is 2 years old and hopes to be eating on his own by 3 years old.


This book belongs in pediatric surgery waiting rooms. Families whose infants or toddlers use a feeding tube will find the book helpful. The book can be used to explain a feeding tube to siblings and other young playmates and their families. We can be appreciative that Lee and Robinson created this small text for us, normalizing the process of having "two buttons."


In this issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing, 10 (2), there are many articles about feeding tubes, including a first-hand experience, a feeding tube clinic, and an ethics piece about feeding tube decisions. This small book supports the knowledge that nurses can share with families in their care.

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