1. Wharry, Adrienne MSN, RN

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Utilization of whiteboards during clinical postconference as an active learning strategy facilitating learning among prelicensure nursing students in the clinical setting often begins with a need to understand students' fundamental knowledge related to skills, pharmacology, and disease pathophysiology. Clinical postconference can be a time to encourage group discussion that may include the exploration of various clinical topics, student comfort level, and patient care concerns. Small whiteboards and dry erase markers were distributed to each student during orientation and select postconferences (Supplemental Digital Content, Photo). The clinical educator formulated questions based on the specific course learning objectives. For example, orientation quizzing may include questions focused on patient safety, use of personal protective equipment, and medication administration expectations. As the clinical practicum progressed, whiteboard pop quizzes were used in postconference to identify both gaps and areas of improvement in student knowledge. The use of whiteboards for quizzing encouraged group participation and peer interaction. Throughout the clinical practicum, the educator facilitated discussion based on student responses. The recent transition to online clinical instruction during the pandemic provided an opportunity to enable the whiteboard feature on Zoom as an effective substitute. Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive and suggested that the use of whiteboards during postconference was an engaging active learning strategy.