1. Maley, MaryKay DNP, APN, RN-BC

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Heightening students' excitement of nursing research has always been a challenge. New ways to motivate students to learn research have been introduced, but only a few have inspired. One innovative method that positively changed students' understanding of nursing research was creating an audiovisual dictionary called "Concept of the Day." Using a video-chat tool (VoiceThread), this instructional method follows the simple language learning principles: see the word, hear the word, and visualize its meaning. In addition to traditional teaching research methods, each morning, students are sent an email link to a VoiceThread containing the research word of the day. Students then visualize a term, hear the pronunciation, and are given a brief 3-minute or less audiovisual description of the research concept. This engages the online student daily and offers them the ability to ask immediate questions of the faculty member about the concept and receive instructor feedback. "Concept of the Day" provides students the ability to listen to terminology on their own time and return to listen as many times as needed. It can easily be adapted to a PowerPoint presentation format. Overall, students' feedback has been positive. Summative evaluation showed that students had a better grasp of research concepts, and overall grades increased compared with other pedagogy methods.