1. Roney, Linda Nancy EdD, RN-BC, CPEN, CNE
  2. Knapik, Katherine R. BSN, EGAN

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Theoretical concepts can be difficult for undergraduate nursing students to grasp. Educators may also find it difficult to effectively assess student understanding of abstract concepts, such as those related to evidence-based practice and research. Because their undergraduate education will serve as the foundation of their future nursing roles, students should be dynamically engaged with varied topics that will enable their practice within complex health care systems. Faculty can use a group assignment that allows students to apply their knowledge of abstract concepts by creating a video that is relevant to their own lives. Travel, pop culture, and humor are all strategies that can be used by students to demonstrate and reinforce their conceptual knowledge of nursing. Sharing the videos made by each group and encouraging all students to view the videos can foster a sense of community among peers, enhance student learning, and help build interest in various theoretical concepts that are integral to the nursing profession. Furthermore, these projects present faculty with the opportunity to better gauge the class' understanding of presented content. Whereas lecture and professor-led activities can support the students' acquisition of empirical knowledge, creating a video supports the application of their new understanding. Feedback on this innovative project indicates that students enjoy exploring both the art and science of nursing.