1. Lewis, Carole B. Phd, MSG, MPA, PT, GCS

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This is another issue on motivation? Why? Because it is so important. I think about the spontaneous comments I get from peers and acquaintances about the practice of geriatric rehabilitation and the majority are about motivation or the lack thereof. That is why we are dedicating 2 consecutive issues to the topic.


I once heard that the Eskimos have numerous names for ice, just as Americans have numerous words for kissing and money. When something is very important to your culture, it is examined, described, and named in many ways. Geriatric rehabilitation is one area where motivation is crucial. We can design thousands of evidence-based programs that show unquestionable efficacy; however, if no one follows the programs, they will not be effective. Therefore, we must completely understand and know all there is to know about this alluding topic of motivation. There are so many approaches to the subject that even 2 issues of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation will not be enough.


Dr Keiba Shaw has done an outstanding job of dissecting the embodiment of motivation in this issue and has called upon a cadre of talented writers to contribute new and insightful articles on the topic. This issue as compared to the last issue adds further emphasis and information as the past issue did and that can be used immediately in the clinical setting. I want to thank all of the authors for doing such an excellent and meaningful job of providing relevant information to the everyday practitioner.


Carole B. Lewis, Phd, MSG, MPA, PT, GCS