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  1. Dietrich, Marion PhD
  2. Brown, Coralie J.P. MPH
  3. Cho, Sungsoo PhD
  4. Block, Gladys PhD


Risk for a number of chronic diseases could be diminished if animal fat and cholesterol were decreased and fiber intake was increased. Meats are high in animal fat, such as saturated fat and cholesterol, and are major sources of these nutrients in the American diet. We conducted a simulation study in which we investigated the effect of the hypothetical substitution of plant protein for beef and pork products. We found that such a substitution would create a more favorable macronutrient profile with regard to fat, cholesterol, and fiber, and would lead to lower energy intake for the US population. No negative effects on micronutrient profiles, except moderately for zinc, were observed. In the context of the obesity epidemic facing Americans today, even a modest reduction in calorie consumption accompanying such a dietary change would be desirable.