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alopecia, plaques, psoriasis, sarcoidosis, scalp, uveitis, wound care



  1. Omar, Shaimaa Ismail MD
  2. Genedy, Rasha Mahmoud MD
  3. Zaid, Sami Abdelhamid Abo MD


ABSTRACT: Cutaneous sarcoidosis occurs in about one-quarter of patients with systemic disease and presents with either specific or nonspecific signs. Psoriasiform sarcoidosis is an uncommon presentation. Herein, study authors report a rare case of systemic sarcoidosis that presented with psoriasiform plaques and patchy alopecia. The main patient complaint was disfigurement from skin lesions over different areas of his body, followed by scalp alopecia and uveitis. These lesions were well-defined plaques, some oozing and others scaly. Dermoscopic examination revealed yellow-orange globular structure. A biopsy was taken; the eventual diagnosis was sarcoidosis, for which the patient received treatment with systemic steroids, resulting in improvement of all of his lesions. Physicians should suspect sarcoidosis in any patient presenting with psoriasiform skin lesions not responding to traditional psoriasis treatment.