1. Swope, Bob MDiv, BSNSc, RN

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It's sad when colleagues resort to insults to blindly push their point of view ("Civil Civic Dialogue,"Editorial, June). In my last seven years as an RN, I have seen ostensibly professional nurses act like children. As many other nurses and doctors are pleasant, receptive, knowledgeable, and sincerely kind, the occasional childish adult can be ignored, confronted, or tolerated.


The real issue in your article seems to be the decline in civic dialogue or intellectual discourse. I was a student in the 1960s-an exciting time of discourse, disagreement, and strong opinions. These days, we appear to be more isolated and more entrenched in our world views. We are unable or unwilling to exchange differing views. Instead, we demonize the opposing side. How sad for us that we have lost the ability to debate with open minds and hearts.


I do, however, find purposeful dialogue in AJN. It's a thinking nurse's publication, and I appreciate your journalistic leadership.


Bob Swope, MDiv, BSNSc, RN


Dillingham, AK