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Blood pressure monitoring, Mobile health application, Patient engagement, Patient portal, Preeclampsia



  1. Burgess, Adriane PhD, RN C-OB, CCE, CNE, C-ONQS
  2. Gartrell, Kyungsook PhD, RN
  3. Anderson, Tiffany BSN, RNC-MNN


Preeclampsia is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Women who experienced preeclampsia require close blood pressure surveillance postpartum. Remote monitoring of blood pressure using a mobile health application may be a viable method of surveillance in this population. The purpose of this project was to assess the feasibility of using the MyWellSpan mobile application to engage postpartum women who experienced preeclampsia in blood pressure self-monitoring. Women who chose to participate were provided an automatic blood pressure cuff and educational materials and were enrolled in MyWellSpan. A survey created by the authors asked participants to rate by Likert scale their satisfaction with the program and ease of use of the blood pressure cuff and self-monitoring. The electronic health record was reviewed retrospectively to assess utilization of the MyWellSpan mobile application to document blood pressure. The majority of women who participated reported that operating the blood pressure cuff was very easy and felt that it would be very easy to monitor their blood pressure twice daily. Sixty-nine percent of those women in the program electronically submitted at least 1 blood pressure measurement, thus confirming the feasibility of self-monitoring and reporting using a mobile application.