epithelialization, epidermal skin graft, pinch graft, Reverdin graft, superficial, wound healing



  1. Brekelmans, Wouter MD
  2. Leijnen, Michiel MD, MSc
  3. Borger van de Burg, Boudewijn L. S. MD
  4. Hoencamp, Rigo MD, PhD


ABSTRACT: This article describes a series of four patients for whom a Reverdin graft was performed. The Reverdin graft, also known as a pinch graft, is a method to promote epithelialization for superficial wounds. The intervention is minimally invasive with a short learning curve. The procedure and its advantages and disadvantages are discussed in this case series. This pinch graft is a widely accepted, minimally invasive intervention to accelerate the epithelialization of wounds.