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debriefing, nursing education, prebriefing, psychological safety, simulation



  1. Daniels, Amy L. PhD, RN, CHSE
  2. Morse, Catherine PhD, RN
  3. Breman, Rachel PhD, RN


Background: Psychological safety, essential in high-quality simulation-based education, positively influences learning behaviors and outcomes in corporate organizations. Current assessment of psychological safety is grounded in Edmondson's work team learning model. To understand applicability of this model in nursing education, a literature review was conducted. We reviewed literature on psychological safety in nursing education to assess support for this learning model constructs. Adapting existing models and assessment instruments in different contexts is an important contribution to the profession.


Methods: A structured narrative review examined psychological safety in nursing education simulation literature to identify support for Edmondson's work team learning model constructs.


Results: Included articles (n = 13) supported the Edmondson model constructs. When faculty practiced specific leader behaviors, learners experienced psychological safety and demonstrated specific learning-oriented behaviors.


Conclusion: Psychological safety literature in nursing education supports the work team learning model constructs. This link offers promise for transfer to an assessment instrument in nursing education.