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health-related quality of life, nursing intervention, patient education, quality of nursing care



  1. Leino-Kilpi, Helena PhD, RN
  2. Johansson, K. MNSc, RN
  3. Heikkinen, K. MNSc, RN
  4. Kaljonen, A.
  5. Virtanen, H. MNSc, RN
  6. Salantera, S. PhD, RN


The purpose of this study was to analyze the connections between patient education and health-related quality of life as an outcome variable. Data were collected among surgical hospital patients (n = 237) in Finland. On the basis of the results, there seems to be a positive relationship between received knowledge and health-related quality of life, and as such, the study produced knowledge about one quality indicator in nursing care. More research is needed to explore this connection in greater details.