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education, end-of-life communication, palliative care, performance evaluation, rubric



  1. Kopp, Mary Louisa PhD, RN, CHPN, CNE
  2. Mayberry, Adrienne Lynn Marie MSN, RN


Nurse educators still struggle with teaching and assessing end-of-life communication skills. Many resources are available to assist in teaching end-of-life communication, but few tools exist to assess performance learning outcomes. Behavior evaluation tools must be user-friendly and provide beneficial student feedback. Quality end-of-life patient care and nursing job satisfaction depend on skillful communication. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability of an end-of-life communication clinical simulation evaluation performance rubric. Moderate interrater consistency and agreement were found between 3 evaluators when assessing the same students. All simulation evaluators agreed that the performance rubric was user-friendly and provided rich feedback for students during simulation debriefing. The performance evaluation tool was moderately effective when evaluating end-of-life communication performance and appears as a worthy framework for other behavior evaluations.