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Importance-performance analysis, Nursing, Records



  1. Park, Hyunbong MSN, RN
  2. Yu, Soyoung PhD, RN
  3. Lee, Seon Heui PhD, MPH, RN


This study aimed to analyze the importance and performance of nursing task items in the standard guidelines for comprehensive nursing services and confirm whether they are reflected in the nursing records. A total of 120 nurses from three hospitals were surveyed for the importance-performance analysis of standard nursing services and their correlation with nursing records. The average scores for importance, performance, and correlation to nursing records were 3.65, 3.31, and 3.08, respectively, demonstrating a significant positive correlation. Regarding the correlation between nursing tasks and nursing records, spiritual and emotional assessment, mobilization, education and counseling, and escaping and suicide prevention items had moderately low scores. In the importance correlation to the nursing records of the task items matrix, 10 items in quadrant 1 were strengths. Conversely, in quadrant 2, suicide and escape prevention require critical areas for improvement. The other six items were low-priority items in quadrant 3, and the three items in quadrant 4 were hygiene, elimination, and nutrition, which required excessive effort. It is necessary to evaluate the electronic nursing records system periodically according to the nursing environment and modify and supplement the records if required.