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digital parenting, online etiquette, advocacy, challenges, media, addiction



  1. K, Kavitha PhD(c), SCEM, RNRM
  2. Sikandar, Basheerahamed J. PhD(c), RNRM


Abstract: Parenting helps socialization in children. The inevitable presence of digital media has a major impact on parent-child relationships and parenting skills. The increased use of digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets, by children forces the parents to change their parenting styles. Digital parenting refers to a process adopted by parents to monitor and regulate the activities of their young ones in handling digital devices. The main aim of this style is to protect their children from various online dangers. Parents need to use several approaches for regulating digital media behaviors of children, such as setting limits, practicing constructive discipline, spending time with their kids, and so forth. However, there are challenges associated with digital parenting. Some of the issues include unlimited access to Internet, parents' job, reverse socialization, and so on. Pediatric nurses can help parents in successfully managing digital parenting styles through education and advocacy as part of health promotion activities of pediatric clients both in hospital and community settings.