1. Haney, Holly E.

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You come to work and start your day,


never knowing what may come your way.


Your eyes are bright, your smile is wide,


as you make the rounds by kids' bedsides.


Sweetly speaking and gently caring,


uplifting the spirit of children's parents.


Making jokes and funny faces,


children laugh, relaxing their parents.


You're there for the good times and the bad ones, too,


trying to help deliver the news.


A shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold,


a person to hug and squeeze in joy.


Heart and soul open to all you see


you may wear scrubs but they're superhero clothes to me.


With your shift drawing near, about to call it a day,


you give them all a last glance and say,


I will see you tomorrow, a brand-new day.


Giving them hope, wishing they didn't have to stay.


As the sun goes down and rises again,


you come to work and start your day.


never knowing what may come your way.


I am a wife and a mother of three boys. I have seen what pediatric nurses do when interacting with my children, and this poem depicts my impressions of them. I work as the Senior Secretary to the Chair and Faculty for Robert E. Smith School of Nursing at Delta State University. I enjoy writing poems and have done so as a hobby for many years.