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Data visualization, Interprofessional relations, Nursing education research



  1. Kim, Kisook PhD, RN
  2. Lee, Ki-Seong PhD


To provide nurse-led interprofessional practices in a healthcare setting, carrying out effective research that identifies the trends and characteristics of interprofessional education is necessary. This study aimed to objectively ascertain trends in the field through text network analysis of different types of interprofessional education literature. Titles and thesis abstracts were examined for terms "interprofessional education" and "nursing" and were found in 3926 articles from 1970 to August 2018. Python and Gephi software were used to analyze the data and visualize the networks. Keyword ranking was based on the frequency, degree centrality, and betweenness centrality. The terms "interprofessional," "education," "student," "nursing," and "health" were ranked the highest. According to topic analysis, the methods, provided programs, and outcome measures differed according to the research field. These findings can help create nurse-led research and effective future directions for interprofessional education pathways and topic selection. This will emphasize the importance of expanding research on various education programs and accumulating evidence regarding the professional and interdisciplinary impact these programs have on undergraduate and graduate students.