1. Miller, Kathryn RN, CGRN

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To the Editor:


I had the opportunity to attend the May 2005 SGNA business meeting held in Minneapolis. Lively debate ensued about the proposed amendment to the by-laws regarding the election of officers. One point brought to the floor was the feeling that one does not know the nominees. Selecting a candidate was not an easy decision because of this fact. I began to reflect on this issue. We do receive a short biographical sketch and personal mission statement from each candidate, but do we need more? I think we do. The SGNA web site could be a wonderful tool if used for this purpose. The online Discussion Forum is in place to facilitate this format. The membership could pose a question to a particular candidate and the candidate could respond. This would enable our members to choose the candidate who best reflects the direction in which the member feels SGNA should be heading. We live in a computer age that has brought the world to our doorstep. Let us use this technology to bring the leadership to our members.


Kathryn Miller, RN, CGRN


Connecticut GI Endoscopy, Bloomfield, Connecticut