emergency preparedness, (multidiscipline) training, public health workforce



  1. Quiram, Barbara J. PhD, MPA
  2. Carpender, Kay BS
  3. Pennel, Cara MPH


Recognizing the need to prepare the broader workforce of responders to plan and respond to the consequences of public health emergencies, the School of Rural Public Health at Texas A&M University Health Science Center launched a self-supporting, continuing education initiative in March 2003, designed to offer training to individuals throughout Texas with responsibility for emergency planning, preparedness, and response. The Texas Training Initiative for Emergency Response (T-TIER) fosters the integration and collaboration of key organizations and disciplines, using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-identified competencies by focus area. T-TIER is designed as a three-module training initiative that builds upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities that participants acquire in each preceding module. To increase efficacy, T-TIER uses multiple training methodologies, including live presentations, hands-on practical activities, tabletop exercises, and on-site or televideo conference technology. This unique, multidisciplinary approach enhances respect and collaboration among the various disciplines, limiting unilateral emergency preparedness planning and response at the national, state, and local levels. The next step in disseminating this training curriculum is the adaptation of materials using distance education technologies to reach a broader audience, both in Texas and other states across the nation.