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distance learning, public health preparedness, training



  1. Horney, Jennifer A. MPH
  2. MacDonald, Pia PhD
  3. Rothney, Erin E. MPH
  4. Alexander, Lorraine K. DrPH


Short online training modules have been developed by the North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness (NCCPHP) and provided to registered users for free on its Training Web Site. Use of these modules can improve the knowledge, skills, and awareness of public health professionals in topics related to public health preparedness. According to the results of a survey implemented in October 2004, the NCCPHP Training Web Site is effectively reaching its target audience of local and state public health workers. The utilization of distance learning technology allows for broad distribution of training materials, with registered users in all 50 US states and 122 foreign countries. In addition, the NCCPHP Training Web Site is providing training materials in topics most requested by the public health workforce. According to the findings of this survey, online training in public health preparedness and response is an efficient way to improve the knowledge and skills of our public health workforce to increase competency.