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Adolescents, Smoking, Social influence model, Prevention



  1. Krowchuk, Heidi V. PhD, RN, FAAN


In the past 30 years, nursing knowledge of adolescent healthcare has grown tremendously, and the added knowledge can help us improve the care we provide to adolescents using evidence-based interventions for practice. While substantial progress has been made in reducing the numbers of adolescents who smoke, tobacco use by adolescents continues to be one of the largest public health problems in the United States. Current estimates are that about one in four adolescents smokes cigarettes on a regular basis. Researchers have tested community-based, school-based, and family-based interventions to prevent tobacco use among teens. This article revisits these interventions, summarizes those that have demonstrated effectiveness in preventing tobacco use among adolescents, and suggests how the interventions can be incorporated into nursing practice with teens. Recommendations for further research to establish evidence-based practice also are offered.