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Community, Maternal-child health, Health promotion, Evidence-based practice



  1. Tiedje, Linda Beth PhD, RN, FAAN


This article reviews outcomes, indicators, and challenges for building evidence-based practice in community maternal-child health (MCH), and includes promising new design and analytical strategies. In addition, 10 topic areas are listed, which are the foundation of community MCH evidence: (1) evidence of health behavior on mortality/morbidity; (2) theoretical underpinnings of public policy interventions; (3) evidence of growing health disparities; (4) the potential of exploding information technologies; (5) data on aging, maternity, employment, and lactation; (6) data on the changing face of HIV/AIDS; (7) data on the changing way we give birth; (8) drug safety registries; (9) antibiotic-resistant organisms; and (10) environmental pollutants and health. In addition, evidence of indirect and global influences on community MCH is reviewed and the principles of lifestyle change and health promotion are emphasized.