1. Reichert, Paul MS, PT, CEA

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I recently read Dr. Patricia McCartney's column on "Back Safety for MCH Nurses" in MCN (29[2], March 2004). I am involved in patient handling ergonomics at our acute care facilities, and I have read numerous articles on the subject. Most of the articles are not applicable to some of the heavy tasks that MCH nurses perform. In fact, this article was the only information I could find specific to MCH with my literature search. An MCH nurse recently asked me for help with the following: lifting the mother's legs under epidural, holding the mother's legs while she is pushing during the delivery (the MDs do not use or like the stirrups), and holding patient up while she is bent over the bed getting the epidural.


We do have portable patient lifts (Hoyer type) and some rooms with ceiling tracks lifts (not on the L&D floor), but I am not familiar with any controls for the above tasks. I welcome any suggestions and appreciate your help.


Paul Reichert, MS, PT, CEA