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  1. Campbell-Yeo, Marsha PhD
  2. Kim, Theresa PhD
  3. Disher, Tim PhD
  4. Richardson, Brianna PhD(c)
  5. Dol, Justine PhD
  6. Chez NICU Home team in alphabetical order
  7. Bishop, Tanya MHM
  8. Delahunty-Pike, Alannah MSc
  9. Dorling, Jon PhD
  10. Glover, Megan MN
  11. Inglis, Darlene MN
  12. Johnson, Teresa MSW
  13. Macmillan, Doug MD
  14. Mcgrath, Patrick PhD
  15. Monaghan, Joelle MN
  16. Orovec, Adele BSc
  17. Simpson, David C. MD
  18. Skinner, Natasha
  19. Whitehead, Leah BJ
  20. Wozney, Lori PhD


Objectives of this study were to determine whether single-family room (SFR) design enhances parental presence, involvement, and maternal well-being during neonatal intensive care hospitalization. An observational cohort including mothers of infants was randomly assigned to receive care in a tertiary-level open-bay (OB) (n = 35) or SFR (n = 36). Mothers were asked to complete daily diaries documenting parental presence, involvement in care, and questionnaires examining maternal well-being. Mother and father mean presence (standard deviation) was significantly higher in the SFR-17.4 (5.2) and 13.6 (6.8)-compared to OB-11.9 (6.3) and 4.6 (3.7) hours/day. Total time spent in care activities did not differ for mothers, except SFR mothers spent more time expressing breast milk (EBM). SFR fathers had greater involvement with care activities. There were no other significant differences. The SFR was associated with greater maternal presence, but not greater involvement in care activities except for EBM, nor improved maternal well-being. The SFR appears to have greater impact on fathers' involvement in care and comforting activities, although the amount of time involved remained quite low compared with mothers. Further studies examining ways to enhance parental involvement in the neonatal intensive care unit are warranted.