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  1. Pedersini, Paolo MSc
  2. Lopez-Royo, Maria Pilar PhD
  3. Herrero, Pablo PhD
  4. Cantero-Tellez, Raquel PhD
  5. Valdes, Kristin MSc
  6. La Touche, Roy PhD
  7. Fernandez-Carnero, Josue PhD
  8. Villafane, Jorge Hugo PhD


Objective: To investigate the prevalence of first dorsal interosseous myofascial trigger point (MTrP) in patients with thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis (CMC OA).


Methods: Fifty subjects participated in the study, 25 with thumb CMC OA and 25 without thumb CMC OA. Participants were examined to identify first dorsal interosseous MTrP through palpation. Visual analog scale and Pressure Pain Threshold were the primary outcomes.


Results: In patients with thumb CMC OA, the prevalence of MTrPs was higher when compared with the nondominant hand (88% vs 64%) and higher when compared with control group (48% vs 44%).


Conclusions: Prevalence of MTrP showed to be higher in the dominant hand of patients with thumb CMC OA than in the dominant hand of people without thumb CMC OA.