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  1. Cuenca Zaldivar, Juan Nicolas MSc, PT
  2. Acevedo, Alvaro Monroy MSc, PT
  3. Caballero Nahum, Maria PT
  4. Fernandez-Carnero, Josue PhD, MSc, PT


Background: To evaluate the effects of multicomponent exercise program (Vivifrail) in patients with hip fracture after surgery over the gait pattern, balance, and muscle strength in the lower body.


Methods: Thirty-seven patients operated of hip fracture were enrolled between 2017 and 2018.


Results: There were significant improvements (P < .05) in the Short Physical Performance Battery, Tinetti balance, and gait scales, improving the independence measured with the Barthel Index and reducing the risk of falls.


Conclusions: The multicomponent exercise improved with minimally obnoxious changes and the ability to balance and walk in older people who have undergone surgery for hip fracture, and also the number of responders who meet the minimally detectable changes is 70.27%.