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  1. Ohlen, Joakim PhD, RN
  2. Bramstang, Annette MScN, RN
  3. Lundin Gurne, Frida MScN, RN
  4. Pihlgren, Anneli BSc, RN
  5. Thonander, Marie MScN, RN
  6. Kirkevold, Marit EdD, RN


The aim of this study was to explore nursing students' and clinically active nurses' experiential ideas about nursing to provide a foundation for a critical reflection on the complexities involved in studying and practicing nursing. Using a participatory approach, 9 experiential ideas about nursing as a subject, nursing practice, and being a nurse were identified and reflected upon with a total of 238 participants. This was followed by a theoretical analysis in relation to the clinical gaze in nursing and epistemology, which ends in an argument for a rediscovery of the broader Aristotelian view of knowledge in nursing education and practice.