1. Smego, Raymond A. Jr. MD, MPH, FACP, FRCP, DTM&H
  2. Khan, Mohammad Aslam MBBS
  3. Khowaja, Khurshid RN, BSN
  4. Rafique, Rozina BSN
  5. Datoo, Farida RN


This article describes a university-sponsored home health nursing program in a large urban center in Pakistan and details the essential elements needed in implementing such a program in a developing country. Compared to in-hospital treatment, home healthcare reduced hospital stay from 12.8 days to 3.9 days, and resulted in a net savings of Pakistani rupees (PRs) 5,374,135 ($89,569). A cost-effective home treatment program in a resource-limited country can be successfully implemented by using the hospital pharmacy as the central point for the preparation and distribution of medications and specialty nursing services.