decision making, employee survey, job satisfaction, pay satisfaction



  1. Carson, Kerry D.
  2. Carson, Paula Phillips
  3. Fontenot, Gwen
  4. Toma, Alfred G.


Management should not only survey employees about their satisfaction with an issue but should also inquire about how important that issue is to them. If the issue is very important to employees and they are very dissatisfied, then management action may be urgent. However, if staff members are dissatisfied with an issue that is unimportant to them, then no management action may be required. Rank ordering the items by importance and then subtracting satisfaction from importance to get a performance-gap score is insufficient. The decision maker still may have to use intuition to determine which items have priority. Rather than gap analysis, it is better to multiply the importance score by the dissatisfaction score. This will yield a clear rank order of the issues to which the management must attend. The authors used the multiplicative method with a health care organization. These results are analyzed, and management actions are recommended.