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Evaluation research, Health informatics, Health information technology, Human factors engineering, Nursing informatics



  1. Sockolow, Paulina DrPH, MBA, MS
  2. Yang, Yushi PhD


The Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act, which mandates electronic sharing of standardized patient data by post-acute care clinical settings, will likely spur further health information technology adoption and evaluation. To support evaluation, the study objective was to clarify components of an evidence-based health information technology evaluation framework, Health Information Technology Reference-based Evaluation Framework, by using the framework in home healthcare and incorporating a sociotechnical perspective in the health information technology evaluation. With 36 observations among three diverse home healthcare agencies, researchers conducted a recorded think-aloud process as nurses documented the home healthcare admission in the EHR. Thematic analysis revealed 15 themes that provided clarification for almost one-third of Health Information Technology Reference-based Evaluation Framework components and added a new concept. All themes reflected a sociotechnical perspective. The new theme added to the Health Information Technology Reference-based Evaluation Framework reflected the sociotechnical perspective: routine use. We anticipate the enhanced Health Information Technology Reference-based Evaluation Framework to be used by evaluators from diverse disciplines, to further facilitate context-dependent health information technology adoption in post-acute care settings.