1. Harris, Marilyn D. MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

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The International Home Care Nurses Organization (IHCNO) became a supportive association of the DAISY (Disease Attacking the Immune System) Foundation in 2020. The DAISY Foundation's mission is to express gratitude to nurses for extraordinary, compassionate, skillful care provided to patients and their families.


The IHCNO DAISY Award was created to recognize home care nurses or midwives throughout the world for the important care and compassion they provide. Nominations are ongoing and can be made when visiting the website. Nominations are reviewed by a committee of experienced home care nurses. The selection criteria include:


* Models empathy and demonstrates a caring presence in all situation.


* Demonstrates excellent clinical skills in the delivery of compassionate patient care.


* Demonstrates professionalism in the work environment.


* Establishes a special connection with patients and families.



I am pleased to introduce and congratulate Samah Abosaef, RN, the IHCNO 2021 inaugural DAISY Honoree. Roselda Orane Agpalza, Samah's co-worker who nominated her wrote:


"Samah is a home health care nurse with the King Faisal Specialist and Research Center in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Samah joined home health equipped with knowledge and expertise. Her enthusiasm to come to work every day and take the daily challenge with a bright smile and positive attitude is inspiring and contagious to her colleagues. She easily adapted the routine and developed compassion to her new role in the department. For almost a year since she joined the team her contribution is stellar and well valued. With the new COVID-19 situation pandemic she played a very relevant position to help others first by volunteering to be floated out for screening and later on with the vaccinations. She actively involved herself in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign of the organization as well as promoting the proper observance of safety precaution to prevent transmission of the virus. She adheres to the strict use of Personal Protective Equipment and also encourages all individuals she encounters to follow the proper distancing, hand-washing, and taking care of oneself when sick. She has a positive outlook in life and in her career among her colleagues as well as herself. She is very professional in dealing with her patients and treats them with respect and compassion. Specific patients commended her on the way she deals with them with utmost tolerance, patience, and professional attitude. She treats all her patients equally regardless of their station and status in life. She takes initiative in improving herself professionally and exerts extra effort to impart her knowledge during the JCIA virtual visit and volunteered ahead of her peers.


It is my privilege to be given the opportunity to work with her and witness the contribution she advocated for in the institution. Her participation is a direct step to the organization's goal for zero harm and safety for all."

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The selection committee noted Samah demonstrates professional skills and team work. Her empathetic response to colleagues and patients and quotes from patients demonstrates compassionate, professional care. Congratulations Samah!