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Advocacy, health policy, health care, nurse practitioner



  1. Caruso, Adele Marie DNP, CRNP, FAANP (Adult Nurse Practitioner)


ABSTRACT: The Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (PCNP) is the state organization that promotes and protects the practice of more than 15,000 certified registered nurse practitioners in Pennsylvania. PCNP, credited for many legislative successes related to nurse practitioner (NP) practice since the 1980s, continues to expand its advocacy endeavors and mission to advance professional NP practice. To further promote the practice of NPs, a novel platform was established. This novel platform, PCNP: A New Era in Shaping Health Policy, was created as a forum where formal comments can be issued on proposed state and federal legislation that affects NP practice, as well as engages NPs from across the state to participate in the commenting process. After one year of active engagement in this forum, a formal commenting structure was successfully established with heighted visibility for health policy issues with real member participation.