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As the year comes to a close it is appropriate to thank all the manuscript reviewers who so generously give of their time and talent to make the journal a success. Along with the Associate Editors and Column Editors, the reviewers help direct the editorial stance of the journal by identifying topics that are of interest to our readers and offering valuable feedback about the content of manuscripts. In addition to the reviewers listed below, a big thanks you to my colleagues at the Indiana University School of Nursing who so often provide on the spot consultation about any number of topics. It is a pleasure to work with all of you. May we go forward together into another year advancing the practice of nursing!


Elizabeth Bayley


Janel Borkes


Ann Herbage Busch


Deborah Chyun


Deborah Marks Conley


Linda Carmen Copel


Melissa Craft


Sue B. Davidson


Kathleen L. Dunn


Patricia R. Ebright


Patti Eisenberg


Marsha Ellett


Kathleen Ellstrom


Maura A. Fitzgerald


Sr. Mary Jean Flaherty


Roberta Fruth


Phyllis Gaspar


Shirley Girouard


Margo A. Halm


Mary L. Heye


Sharon D. Horner


Melanie Kalman


Ann M. Mayo


Iris L. Mullins


Julie A. Ponto


Mattie Rhodes


Julie Sabo


Sue Sendelbach


Mary Lou Sole


Gail J. Ray Springer


Judith A. Spross


Laura A. Talbot


Beverly B. Tidwell


Sally Crim Tibbals


Jeannine C. White


Patti R. Zuzelo