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We speak often about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our society. Advantages, opportunities, and education should be universal and equitable in distribution. When it comes to healthcare, we see that the opportunities aren't equitable. There are often disparities in accessing care, obtaining insurance, and availability of well care.1 Nurses can be leaders in healthcare reformation, ensuring that the healthcare system crosses all boundaries, serves all populations, and recruits all populations into its workforce.

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The values-based code of ethics in nursing compels our profession to seek DEI in all we do. According to Stenhouse, "This means that nurses must treat people as individuals, avoid making assumptions about them, recognize diversity and individual choice, and respect and uphold their dignity and human rights."2 The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has taken an official stance with a position statement on DEI in nursing education: "Diversity references a broad range of individual, population, and social characteristics, including, but not limited to, age; sex; race; ethnicity; sexual orientation; gender identity; family structures; geographic locations; national origin; immigrants and refugees; language; physical, functional, and learning abilities; religious beliefs; and socioeconomic status. Inclusion represents environmental and organizational cultures in which faculty, students, staff, and administrators with diverse characteristics thrive."3


In this issue of Nursing made Incredibly Easy! you'll find an excellent column on diversity and inclusion from our Ask an Expert author and editorial board member Dr. Richard L. Pullen, Jr. (see page 47). Take the time to think about your work environment, professional networks, and associates. Do you witness DEI in practice? Do you personally make a stand to first and foremost be inclusive, open, and willing to look at the whole picture? Historically, Nursing made Incredibly Easy! has made a direct statement in support of DEI in healthcare. Our archives have a wealth of references and informative nursing professional development material to help move you forward with this aspect of your practice.




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