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Volume 10:04, our last issue for 2021, concludes with many articles of interest for pediatric surgical nurses. Utzen, Yaz, and Gumus, nurse scholars from Turkey, provide a comprehensive summary of research related to the needs of children with ostomies and their families and address the specific needs of families in countries with limited resources. Stiekema reviews a lovely children's storybook about a teddy bear with an ostomy, which readers of the Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing can purchase and place in their waiting rooms.

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Stiekema also provides a deep dive into analysis of the oft-conflicting ethical views of using a child born with anencephaly as a potential organ donor. Larery expresses concern for children who are overweight and the potential comorbidities they can develop.


International scholars broaden our understanding of pediatric pain control. Pestana-Santos, Santos, Pinto, Nunes, and Lomba, from Portugal, use virtual reality to lessen needlestick pain in children. Sharma and Kalia, from India, present a brilliant article connecting the theoretical, Katharine Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort to the actual, provision of integrative pain relief for children during their postoperative period.


We include an important article by librarian Amy Six-Means. She gives direction to nurses who need access to nursing and medical articles and who do not have association with a clinical library.


We close with our Narrative Medicine section, in which Boyd presents a story from 1967 when she worked in Vietnam as a nurse for the United States Agency for International Development. She describes caring for a child severely burned during the war and treated with maggots. This article led to recruiting Juanillo, a nursing student desiring to be a writer, to research information on the use of maggots in healthcare today.


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