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  1. Hartwig, Kari A. DrPH
  2. Bobbitt-Cooke, Mary MPH
  3. Zaharek, Margot M. MS
  4. Nappi, Susan MPH
  5. Wykoff, Randolph F. MH, MPH, TM
  6. Katz, David L. MD, MPH


In 2001, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in the US Department of Health and Human Services announced its intention to (1) identify innovative ways to increase public awareness and focus on Healthy People 2010 objectives and (2) broaden the participation of community-based organizations, including agencies new to public health. The mechanism selected, microfinancing, was modeled after small venture loans for economic stimulus in developing countries. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion selected one state health department and one academic research organization from 80 applicants to test models of awarding "microgrants" of $2,010 to community agencies. This article describes the two models, the types of agencies that were funded, the primary Healthy People 2010 objectives targeted, examples of how the monies were used and leveraged by grantees, and the implications of microgrants for public health practice and policy.