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Prelicensure Nursing Education, Progression Policies, Nursing Student Repeaters



  1. Lewis, Lisa S.
  2. Willingham, Tonya L.
  3. Milner, Ann Marie T.


BACKGROUND: The literature lacks description of the incidence of nursing students failing and repeating courses. Nursing student repeaters delay graduation and entry into the workforce; they are also at risk for attrition.


AIM: The aim of the study was to describe the incidence of nursing student repeaters and progression policies in the United States.


METHOD: A national survey of prelicensure nursing program deans and directors was conducted.


RESULTS: Invitations were sent to 2,055 nursing programs; the response rate was 32 percent. The annual incidence of nursing student course repetition was found to be 11.5 percent. Progression policies varied widely.


CONCLUSION: Nursing student repeaters are a significant population, and examination of progression policies is warranted.