1. Sihler, Ann C.

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Since when do doctors break smooth bones


juice pulsing hearts to quietude


trim and toss a floppy valve


just because it's old and tired? Who's not?


Here, they say in ethered haze,


meet your new dance partner. He's


Fred Astaire on steroids


Gene Kelly in hypoallergenic jacket


silken Gregory Hines, always by your side . . .


the elegant, the virile Mister Titanium


whose metallic beat (click click, click click)


will show you just which way is which.


At home, though, Mister Titanium counts,


not dances (click click, click click).


At night when others fade away


in my ear (click click, click click)


he ticks off sorrows, shame, regrets.


Souped-up timer (click click, click click)


can't stop counting


seconds left.