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Are you thinking of becoming one of the thousands of RNs who are travel nurses? As elsewhere in nursing, the travel nursing industry currently has more job openings than it can fill.


Nurses choose travel nursing for a variety of reasons. The chance to experience a different location, as well as pay and benefits, are among the top reasons. Avoiding another cold winter, the opportunity to work at a renowned facility, and the opportunity to pursue other interests, such as skiing, are others. Some of the most popular destinations are Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, and California. But some "travelers" even take assignments in their own hometown. If you want to try travel nursing, but are not ready to make a big commitment, check if your employer will give you a leave of absence. They may rather have you try it out, and come back refreshed, than lose a valuable employee altogether.


There are dozens of travel companies to choose from. To get started, ask someone who has already taken an assignment for his or her advice. Also, check out some Web sites and call a few agencies. Most assignments are for 13 weeks, and the travel agencies and their hospital clients seek experienced nurses, with the credentials to fill the available positions. For example, ED positions might require ACLS and PALS. A trauma center would require the nurse to be trauma certified and a CEN would be helpful, too. These nurses are expected to step right in after a very brief orientation.


Because of the expense, hospitals would like to cut down on the number of travel nurses they use. However, the nursing shortage, difficulties staffing some units, and seasonal fluctuations in the population of some resort areas of the country make that easier said than done. Just when the weather turns cold in the north, hospitals in Arizona and Florida need the most nurses.


Your Guide to Job Opportunities in Travel Nursing

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