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Vaccine mandates across the globe. Concerned about rising numbers of COVID-19 cases compounded by the Omicron variant and slow rates of vaccine uptake, many countries have instituted or expanded vaccination mandates. France and Greece mandated vaccines for all health care workers in September. Canada made vaccination mandatory in October for all federal public service employees as well as air and rail travelers over age 12. In November, the United Kingdom announced that all National Health Service staff must be fully vaccinated by April 2022. New Zealand expanded their mandate in October to cover anyone working in venues that require proof of vaccine to enter, such as gyms or restaurants, a stipulation that will require about 40% of the workforce to be vaccinated. Italy also took mandates beyond health care workers. Since November, everyone in Italy's workforce has been required to have a "Green Pass" showing proof of vaccination, recent recovery from COVID-19, or a negative rapid swab test. Employees without the pass must take unpaid leave.