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On this month's cover is Reckoning Together, a painting by nurse midwife and nursing professor Lucinda Canty. Canty is lead author of "An Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing," a special feature in this issue that presents an ongoing antiracist initiative she and her colleagues started after the 2020 killing of George Floyd. Overdue Reckoning, as it is known, is grounded in nine "Principles of Reckoning" that guide actions for dismantling racism in nursing and health care. It began as a series of Zoom sessions for nurses of color to discuss how racism has affected them-an experience that Canty and many other participants found liberating and validating. In the article, she notes that "Overdue Reckoning started a healing process for me, and gave me the strength to unapologetically advocate for myself and others." Overdue Reckoning Zoom discussions are held monthly and are open to all nurses; see for details.

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Canty says that her painting, inspired by Overdue Reckoning, symbolizes the power of working together to address racism. "This reckoning process was so important to who I am. The beauty is that I didn't have to go through this journey alone," she explains. For more of Canty's artwork, visit Szulecki, editor