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* In her post "How Can You Bear to Be a Nurse? A Classic Question Revisited," AJN editorial board member Joanne Disch addresses the meaningful work of nurses today (


* "While preventing all future shootings from happening is impossible, there are things that can be done to mitigate and/or prevent future incidents, even when doing so requires some difficult choices and measures," writes AJN contributing editor Donna Sabella in her post "What Have We Learned About Preventing School Shootings?" (


* In her post "The Gift of Feedback," pediatric intensive care nurse Hui-Wen (Alina) Sato discusses the challenge of giving honest feedback to colleagues (



"None of us signed on to this profession to die fighting COVID. We don't want to be lionized as heroes, we want to be paid fairly and treated respectfully while we do our jobs." "I still love taking care of my patients. I just think there's such a disconnect between the administration/system and the actual reality of the human condition. Money focus degrades our health focus." "I use [humor] as part of my nursing care every day. It helps decrease the patient's stress and increase positive nurse-patient relationships. Just being able to make a patient smile always helps make my day so much better!"




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* Lucinda Canty, lead author of "An Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing."


* Edie Brous, author of "Employer Vaccine Mandates."


* Courtney Keeler and Alexa Colgrove Curtis, authors of "Case-Control Studies."


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