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  1. Truax, Fayette Nguyen PhD
  2. Low, Julie MD
  3. Mochizuki, Tessa MPH
  4. Asfaha, Setie MPH
  5. Nguyen, Tu Ngoc DNP
  6. Carson, Michael MSPM
  7. Katrak, Shereen MD, MPH
  8. Shah, Neha MD, MPH
  9. Nguyen, Duc DO


Background: A key strategy to eliminate tuberculosis (TB) in the United States is to increase latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) screening, testing, and treatment among non-US-born Asian populations.


Purpose: The purpose was to increase LTBI screening, testing, and treatment at a community clinic.


Methods: Retrospective baseline LTBI data were retrieved through electronic medical record review. Interventions included adoption of standardized TB risk assessment, training providers to use shorter LTBI treatment regimens, and use of a care coordinator. Chart abstraction to examine outcomes was conducted postintervention at 4 months.


Results: In 2017, only 3 patients (7%) with LTBI were started on treatment. At 4 months postintervention, 28 (72%) patients with LTBI were started on treatment, of which 27 (96%) were placed on 3- to 4-month regimens.


Conclusions: Training for providers and changes to clinic workflow, including use of a care coordinator, can help increase LTBI screening, testing, and treatment in community clinics.