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  1. Neininger, Martina Patrizia PhD
  2. Kaune, Almuth
  3. Musiol, Juliane
  4. Kiess, Wieland MD
  5. Bertsche, Astrid MD
  6. Prenzel, Freerk MD
  7. Bertsche, Thilo PhD


Background: Children suffering from bronchial diseases need assistance from nurses in the use of inhalation devices.


Purpose: We aimed to assess nurses' skills and knowledge concerning drug administration with inhalation devices in hospitalized pediatric patients.


Methods: An expert panel defined medication errors in drug administration with inhalation devices in children. We monitored 241 inhalation procedures to investigate nurses' inhalation technique skills. Twenty-nine nurses completed a questionnaire to assess nurses' knowledge.


Results: Skills: In 93 of 241 (39%) inhalation procedures, the mask/mouthpiece did not fit airtight. In none of the 11 inhalations administering a glucocorticoid, the patient's mouth was thoroughly cleaned afterward. Knowledge: Ten of 29 nurses (34%) thought a distance between mask and the patient's face was acceptable. Only 16 of 29 (55%) knew that it is necessary to thoroughly clean the patient's mouth after the inhalation of budesonide.


Conclusions: We found that education on inhalation procedures including practical training is required to increase patient safety.