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  1. Serre, Nicole MN, RN
  2. Espin, Sherry PhD, RN
  3. Indar, Alyssa MN, RN
  4. Bookey-Bassett, Sue PhD, RN
  5. LeGrow, Karen PhD, RN


Background: Global trends in the aging population will increase the demands for long-term care (LTC) resources. Due to recent pressures to deliver more complex care, there is further risk to resident safety in LTC. Emphasis on the management and the delivery in safe and quality resident care in LTC is required.


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to describe nurses' experiences with patient safety incident (PSI) management involving residents living in LTC.


Methods: Using a qualitative descriptive approach, 9 nurses were recruited in 3 LTC homes. Semistructured interviews were conducted, and data were analyzed using inductive content analysis.


Results: Three main categories emerged: commitment to resident safety, workplace culture, and emotional reaction.


Conclusions: Providing nurses with an opportunity to share their PSI management experiences highlights the current factors influencing frontline resident safety in LTC. Study results can inform nursing practice and policy development to support PSI identification and management.